Stunning Skinks!

Australia is home to over 300 Skink species and is hands down my favourite genus of reptile. I am lucky enough to own some of the rarest skink species and colour morphs that are held in Australian reptile collections today. Albino Tree Skinks (Egernia striolata) are a project that I have been fortunate enough to own, breed and replicate for Australian hobbyists to enjoy having acquired the small founder group in its entirety originally bred by Michael Mather of NSW. This project has been outbred on a couple of occasions stabilising the mutation with results now showing perfectly robust critters with zero issues. A recently acquired project from Brett Mackinlay showing a form of albinism in Egernia cunninghamii is also held here with results to prove the mutation out over the coming 2 seasons expected. I believe this project will rival some of the popularity craze currently enjoyed by their Blue Tongue cousins. 
Yakka Skinks (Egernia rugosa) & Land Mullets (Bellatorias major) are my other two favourite skink species and we enjoy keeping colonies of both in outdoor aviaries in natural settings. Both species being larger members of the skink family and are to me extremely fascinating. A stunning, interesting and beautiful small skink that we keep is the Night Skinks.

Yakka Skinks

Egernia rugosa

Cunningham’s Skinks

Egernia cunninghami

Tree Skinks

Egernia striolata

Night Skinks

Liopholis striata

Land Mullet

Bellatorias major