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The first episode of BlueTongue TV showcases some of the animals here at bluetonguelizard.com.au. Check out the albinos, the hyper melanistics and the hypo Northerns. There is even an appearance of one of the land mullets.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment bar and I’ll try and answer it in the next episode!

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  • Brad

    Great episode of blue tongue tv… My question is when duz the borat mankini make an appearance?

  • Attila

    Awesome skinks ,great video.

  • Brian

    Awesome Skinks Joe!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Harry

    Hey you got some very cool skinks I really love the black morphs and your photography of those skinks on your home page blew me away when I saw it that great. Im really happy to see someone keeping and breeding nice healthy morphs of this awesome species.

  • Steve Milligan

    Enjoyed! Can’t wait to see more!!!