Pretty Pythons!

We have a number of multi genetic leading-edge Carpet Python projects which have been slowly burning away since the early days of the ‘Blondie Boom’ of albino Darwin Carpets driven by a massive influence of mine Dr Simon Stone. We currently have an evolved version of the ‘Moonglow’ combination of brilliant white albinos comprised of Albinism, Axanthism & Caramel. This mutation originally created by Wayne Larks is currently the ‘must have’ morph in the Carpet Python world. Over the last few seasons I have been working on a way to create a Carpet Python of similar phenotype to the ‘Lava’ Blue Tongue. This last season of 2018 has seen the first results of combining the Moonglow genetics with a polygenic Hyper Melanism found in a Bredli carpet python and has produced some quite stunning results with both Caramel & Hyper mel albinos showing both soft oranges in conjunction with Caramel & colours bordering on brick red/brown in tandem with the polygenic hyper melanism. The pictures shown here are an initial glimpse of what these combinations can produce with many animals still to show adult colours and many more variations still to come from similar pairings in 2019/20 season.

We also keep a pair of pure Aussie GTPs & a small breeding group of Albino Olive pythons which we have been fortunate to reproduce on 3 separate occasions. Thanks & ENJOY!!!!!!

50% Bredli Albino

(Poly Hypermel)

50% Bredli Axanthic

(Poly Hypermel)

Moonglow Carpet Pythons

Albino Olive Pythons

Aussie Green Tree Pythons