Lava (Albino X Hyper)

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Albino Eastern Blue Tongue X Hyper Melanistic Eastern Blue Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)

When paired wild type appearing Double Heterozygous animals was the result….
When these resultant Double Het animals were paired the following 9 different animals resulted;

  • Normal Wild Type
  • Hyper Melanistic Heterozygous
  • Albino Heterozygous
  • Heterozygous for Albinism & Hyper Melanism
  • Albino
  • Hyper Melanistic
  • Albino (also heterozygous for Hyper Melanism)
  • Hyper Melanistic (also heterozygous for Albinism)
  • & the ultimate goal of the Hyper Melanistic Albino !!!

The Hyper Melanistic Albino (Fluoro Orange ‘LAVA’ animal in the photos above) shows off both albinism and hyper melanism only without the black melanin… A simply breathtaking animal !!!