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Hyper Melanistic Eastern Blue Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)

Hyper Melanism is the exact opposite in function to Albinism with the over production in melanin leading to a totally black appearing animal. Melanism in this instance is also a Mendelian recessive trait, however with the Heterozygous animals visibly darker it could be argued that it is more accurately described as a co-dominant trait with the black animals representing the super form. The founder animal was to the credit of Snake Ranch used to replicate these awesome critters & made available to the herp trade in recent years.

I have replicated the Snake Ranch line this year with the use of both a Hyper x Hyper pairing & a Hyper x Het Hyper pairing & the babies will be made available for sale. I have also used a Hyper x Brisbane locale Eastern Blue Tongue to again bring some genetic diversity to this stunning line of Blue Tongue.