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Albino Eastern Blue Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)

Albinism is a Mendelian recessive trait which is caused by a genetic disorder to the function which produces melanin & is a very rare naturally occurring condition which is thought to have poor survival rates in the wild. In captive herpetoculture however due to the vibrant colours that the condition displays it allows the opportunity to produce a stunning array of unique pet reptiles completely different to their wild type cousins.

The Albino Blue Tongues pictured all originate from the original Snake Ranch line. I was fortunate to breed Albino x Albino for the 1st time last year & have repeated the success in 2012 with babies to be made available very soon !!!!!!!!!!

I produced a range of different heterozygous animals in 2010 which are on track to produce an out-crossed Albino line in late 2012….. This will I hope bring a new variation to the Albino line & offer further diversity to what is a trait with endless morph possibilities. Watch this space !!!

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