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Had a great day at the expo & loved the opportunity of putting names to Aussie Pythons & Snakes forum faces. It was an opportunity to show off some of my Bluey collection & thanks to Dave Merceica I was able to display the very rare Yakka Skink !!!! It was also a chance for the Albino Tree Skinks to show their faces in public.

Species on display were;

Hyper Melanistic Blueys
Albino Blueys
Hypo Northern Blueys
Western, Alpine Blotched & Kimberley Blueys.
Hyper Melanistic She Oak Skink.
Albino Tree Skinks.
Yakka Skinks.

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[/col_1_2] [divider] Thanks to Joy, Troy & Denver for the invite & I look forward to writing an article in a 2012 Tails & Scales issue in the near future & displaying again next year. It was also great to see that the show got a positive write up in the Queensland Times which is essential for the growth of the hobby……..

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