Blue Tongue Species

Blue Tongue Species!

There are a number of Tiliqua sub species that basically cover the entirety of Australia !!! with the prehistoric looking Shingleback covering large portions of the southern states and two subspecies of scincoides covering the East coast and Northern more tropical climates. Central & Western blueys covering WA & into southern NT & Northern SA all being quite individual and stunning!! With the Blotched Blue Tongue reaching from South East Aus & across the Tasman. Shinglebacks are even found on individual Islands off the coast of WA boasting their own separate sub species. Finally, the quite unique Pygmy Blue Tongue population in South Australia.


All the morphs have to start somewhere! That “somewhere” is the different species and sub species of Blue Tongues. There is six species of Blue Tongue found in Australia as well as 6 subspecies. They are: Pygmy Blue Tongues, Centralian Blue Tongues, Blotched Blue Tongues, Western Blue Tongues, Shinglebacks and Common Blue Tongues. The subspecies are found within the Shingleback and Common Blue Tongue complexes. There is four sub species of Shingleback and 2 sub species of Common Blue Tongues which are: Eastern Shingleback (Stumpy), Western Shingleback (Bobtail), Rottnest Island Shingleback, Shark Bay Shingleback, Eastern Blue Tongue and Northern Blue Tongue. A full video on the Species is available further down the page below if you are brave enough to suffer my English commentary !!!

Here is the full Aussie Tiliqua species YouTube Video !!

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Eastern Blue Tongue

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides

Northern Blue Tongue

Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Check out Josh Fastuca’s Website for more info on Northern Blue Tongues, linked below!!


Pygmy Blue Tongue

Tiliqua adelaidensis

Centralian Blue Tongue

Tiliqua multifasciata

WA Shingleback

Tiliqua rugosa rugosa

Rottnest Island Shingleback

Tiliqua rugosa konowi

Blotched Blue Tongue

Tiliqua nigrolutea


Tiliqua rugosa aspera

Western Blue Tongue

Tiliqua occipitalis