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It is a fact that the next few years holds exciting times for Tiliqua Scincoides morphs in herpetoculture. In fact in my opinion even more so than the Morelia Complex with the availability of the Hyper-melanistic & Albinism gene made available to us by Snake Ranch, a line-bred hypo-melanistic gene which in some cases borders on leucistic which has now been made available to us by the Coward family from the NT, there is also a genuine Leucism project which is close to fruition being worked on by a friend of mine Roger Kramer & not to mention a line bred Bumblebee & recessive Axanthic program being worked on by Gary Fitzgerald.


Top left & right Hyper & A-Melanistic, bottom left & right Hypo Northern & Bumble Bee | Photography top left & right by Shannon Plummer & bottom left & right Joe Ball & Gary Fitzgerald

[divider_thin] Over the last few seasons I have honed my Blue Tongue breeding techniques on locale specific animals using an outdoor system which has yielded nearly 100% success with all breeding age animals & has culminated in success during last season of the notoriously tricky to breed Albino x Albino & also some very interesting heterozygous animals which should come in fruition in 2012…… I have also in recent years been relentlessy collecting as many of the available Blue Tongue morphs as I can in order to form a viable breeding colony of each, this is a time consuming, expensive & at times thankless task especially as groups of un-sexed animals need to be purchased & can lead to excessive numbers of one gender as many of you Bluey enthusiasts can testify !!! In addition in the case of Albinos a somewhat reduced vigour can render a few years work wasted come the breeding season by lack of willingness to mate. That said having achieved this for my targeted animals I am ready to move Blue Tongue morphology to the exciting next level.


Top left & right albinoxalbino & outdoor breeding enclosure. Bottom left & right gravid albino & Kimberley blueys | Photography by Joe Ball.


The 2011 breeding season should finally see the result of the Hyper Melanistic x Albino Blue Tongue with the resultant double heterozygous animals causing much debate amongst Bluey lovers as to what they will look like let alone what the double Homozygous animal’s appearance will be…… There may be a keeper out there that has already done this cross but results have yet to be shared. Fingers crossed either I or Roger Kramer should achieve this over the coming season as proven animals of both genes will be used by both of us in our separate Scincoides programs & I will definitely look to share any successes with the wider audience.

Of course the Hyper melanistic x Albinism cross is not the only exciting possibility out there with the afore mentioned Hypo Northern animals, Leucistic & Axanthic & Bumble-bee projects etc the potential for stunning animals are endless !!! All that is required now is a bit of patience & a modicum of luck for all of the hope-full Bluey breeders out there & this note will appear to have been written in the Blue Tongue Morphology stone age !!!



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