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I am a Pommie Australian with an animal science background who has been keeping amphibians & reptiles for 30 years…… I started breeding reptiles in 1995 when I converted a sun-room in my UK home into an Iguana haven……. Now that I reside in Australia my reptile obsession has gone way beyond control & I now keep a large collection of Australian Monitors & Skinks.

bluetonguelizard.com.au aims to give up to date husbandry & breeding information on the Auzzie reptile that I have the most passion about…… the Blue Tongue Lizard….. Blueys are an awesome pet with their great temperament, manageable size & their basic husbandry requirements making them a suitable choice of reptile for enthusiasts of all skill levels. I also intend to offer quality animals for sale to the growing herp community with 2015 potentially producing some cracker Blueys for others to enjoy.

Enjoy & Thanks

Joe Ball
Batchelor of Animal Science (BSc Hon)

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